Friday, August 20, 2010

New Chapters

It's far too easy to lose sight of the larger narratives in life. I often find myself so focused on my daily or weekly cycles that the monthly and yearly ones seem like distant, nearly motionless backdrops. But every now and then, events occur that remind me of the bigger picture. Here and there, I'm re-awakened to quests and mission statements and long-range goals. These are the narratives that take place in decades-long cycles. But in many ways their slow revolutions belie their great importance. They only move so slowly because they are so massive.

Today I'm reminded specifically of an important local narrative that seems steady and quickening: the revitalization of my hometown. The momentum continues to build, and I see new signs of its progress as significant pieces fall into place every few months.

One huge piece falls into place today when the Hub City Bookshop, the Little River Coffee Bar, and Cakehead Bakery celebrate their grand opening in the historic Masonic Temple on West Main Street. In the few short weeks this facility has been open, a new community gathering spot has flowered. I have yet to walk in without seeing friends and friendly faces, and I have yet to walk out without something delicious and wholesome for the body, mind, or soul.

For those who are sensitive to the micro-local economy of downtown Spartanburg, today you should feel a tectonic shift as a whole local community finds another big reason to spend their money (and support jobs) downtown. A reason to celebrate if there ever was one!

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